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Tues, April 9: Champions (Open 3pm)

03:00pm: Tottenham vs Man City
03:00pm: Liverpool vs Porto

Wed, April 10: Champions (Open 12pm)

03:00pm: Man Utd vs Barcelona
03:00pm: Ajax vs Juventus

Fri, April 12: Premier (Open 12pm)

03:00pm: Leicester vs Newcastle

Sat, April 13: Premier (Open 7:30am)

07:30am: Tottenham vs Huddersfield
10:00am: Southampton vs Wolves
10:00am: Viewers Choice on 2 TVs
12:30pm: Man Utd vs West Ham

Sunday, April 14: Premier (Open 9am)

09:05am: C Palace vs Man City
11:30am: Liverpool vs Chelsea

Mon, April 15: Premier (Open 3pm)

03:00pm: Watford vs Arsenal